Webinar: Syndication Basics – How to Scale Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate, Syndication
Want to understand the basics of syndication investing, and how it can be used to scale your real estate business? 

Well join me as I cover the following topics in a 30 minute webinar on google hangouts:
– What is Real Estate Syndication?
– Why do people engage in RE Syndication? 
– Who is involved in a Syndication deal? 
– What is the Syndication process? 
– How do I make money using Syndication? 
– How do I structure the Syndication? 
– What are the Risks? 
– What are the 4 biggest mistakes? 
– What are the legal requirements of a Syndication? 
– How do I raise money from investors? 
– Example deal: My first syndication deal

Happy Investing!

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