How Is the Coronavirus Affecting Mobile Home Investing? (Post Ongoing)

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Welcome back,

First things first, we hope you and your family are safe and doing well during these weird and changing times.

Second, as mobile home investors I believe we will be positioned very well to help mobile home sellers and mobile home buyers in the near future.

For the past 18 years, through great economic times and poor ones, mobile homes have performed very well when selling for monthly payments. Selling for cash has only been more of a realistic luxury as a mobile home investor since around 2015 in many markets. Our current seller’s market may or may not remain the same in the next few weeks and months.


Things seems to be changing rapidly and day-to-day. As investors we always aim to make the best decisions with the facts we are given. Even now it may be wise to purchase mobile homes from motivated mobile home sellers locally. These mobile homes may still be very desirable for local cash and/or payment mobile home buyers. Each mobile home, seller, park, and situation is more than a bit different.

As the Coronavirus affects our mobile home investing businesses, we will do our best to update the list below. For any additional questions please email us or comment below.   

Ongoing Changes for Mobile Home Investors due to the Coronavirus:

  • March 2020 Mobile home park offices start to close temporarily.
  • March 2020 Schools start to close temporarily.
  • March 2020 Starting to see 50%-70% less cash buyers in the market.
  • March 2020 Starting to see 30%-50% less sellers in the market.
  • March 2020 Eviction & Foreclosures are suspended in some areas.
  • March 2020 Starting to see DMV & Government offices close temporarily.
  • March 2020 Starting to see a few sellers due to Coronavirus reasons.
  • …..


Be safe. Love one another, or a least be friendly. Keep your eyes and ears open for sellers to help. Continue advertising and marketing. Remain calm and rational. Mobile homes will be here after this virus has passed. Any questions or concerns feel free to comment below or email directly to the address below.

Love what you do daily,
John Fedro

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