Cramer’s lightning round: Cannabis ETFs have pulled down GW Pharma


GW Pharmaceuticals: “We like GW Pharma, but we’ve said it’s part of the cannabis cohort and because it has been pulled down by a lot of ETFs, and therefore it is still too early.”

Turning Point Therapeutics: “Turning Point Therapeutics is a very big speculative situation. Most people wouldn’t know the difference between Turning Point Therapeutics and Turning Point Wine, so you got to do some homework on it before you pull the trigger.”

MPLX: “No, the oil and gas pipeline companeis are awful. These are all these teams that are never, ever going to make the playoffs. I don’t want you to get near them.”

Iridium Communications: “We’ve liked Iridium. I think it’s got a great business model, very niche business … and I’m going to tell you to” buy, buy, buy.

Prospect Capital: “This is another one of those companies we just don’t know what’s inside. It’s got all sorts of debt that we just don’t be able to understand. So we’re not going to touch it.”

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