Raising Money for Real Estate Value Investments Using Syndication Featuring Gene Trowbridge

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Today we are meeting at the Hilton Hotel near the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California speaking with Gene Trowbridge, a leading syndication expert on how to raise money for real estate value investments using syndication.

Gene has been in the real estate business for over 30 years as a CCIM faculty member teaching the syndication business to new and experienced investors. He also started, managed and sold off a very successful real estate syndication business, giving him excellent experience to draw from. Gene is author of, It’s a Whole New World, a comprehensive 496 page group sponsorship “How To” manual. Gene also regularly conducts intensive 3-day workshops for creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups.

To capitalize on today’s distressed market, many investors are eager for more information on how to raise funds from investors. This interview with Gene gives you the valuable information you need to help make your group investment fund raising more successful.

In the interview, you will learn:

• Gene’s secret step-by-step system for raising money from investors
• The biggest mistake experienced syndicators are making
• A unique strategy to get your deal closed when you fall short of funds
• What successful syndicators do best
• The 3 biggest myths floating around the group sponsorship business
• Gene’s 8-step syndication model
• The most asked questions of new syndicators
• The types of people getting into the group sponsorship business
• Gene’s 5 keys to a successful syndication
• The biggest fears of investors to forming group investments

If you are an experienced or new investor looking to raising money from investors, then I strongly recommend you study this hour long interview with Gene Trowbridge. In fact, you should read and listen to this interview multiple times because this interview offers lots of meaty content for you to learn new strategies and ideas.

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