Month: January 2014 Learn How Real Estate Private Lenders Make Money. Here’s A Quick Video Explaining How To Become A Private Lender.. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER LET’S CONNECT Tweets by REIClub Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real
0 Comments Private Money Real Estate Investing in built on relationships. One of the most important parts of this relationship through all phases of the transaction is engagement. This is what I call my “Pre” video when discussing with the video editor. I use this type of video to: 1. send to the current lender on
0 Comments The Syndicated Deal Analyzer makes it easy to analyze apartment building deals purchased with investors. * The Deal Analyzer is transparent and customizable. You can purchase financial models from other teachers but they are either “black-box” software or non-editable spreadsheets. In either case, you can’t understand and learn the formulas behind the numbers and