Month: January 2014

Above All Accounting, Inc. is a unique, value-focused provider of bookkeeping, tax preparation and tax resolution services based in the metro Portland, Oregon area. We support businesses and individuals throughout the United States, offering superior financial services to a varied clientele. or and by phone at 503-648-6184.
0 Comments Learn How Real Estate Private Lenders Make Money. Here’s A Quick Video Explaining How To Become A Private Lender.. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER LET’S CONNECT Tweets by REIClub Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real
0 Comments Private Money Real Estate Investing in built on relationships. One of the most important parts of this relationship through all phases of the transaction is engagement. This is what I call my “Pre” video when discussing with the video editor. I use this type of video to: 1. send to the current lender on
0 Comments The Syndicated Deal Analyzer makes it easy to analyze apartment building deals purchased with investors. * The Deal Analyzer is transparent and customizable. You can purchase financial models from other teachers but they are either “black-box” software or non-editable spreadsheets. In either case, you can’t understand and learn the formulas behind the numbers and